Teaching at Create Chicago !

Well off I went to Chicago on Aug 24 and while waiting for the transport to take me to the Hotel met Joanne Sharpe who I’d only just met the day before on FB. What a scream !
My classes were Treasures Boxes, Just a little book and Steampunk Quilt and in these classes met some wonderful people. It was good to see repeat students from previous years, to see familiar faces.
Here are some of the happy students and their work :-

My flight home was on Saturday but due to the hurricane on the East coast ( home for me ) it got canceled twice; the next flight would be nearly a week later which I couldn’t possibly wait for. After making friends with Claude ( female ) who also was an East coast gal we decided in desperation to get the Greyhound bus home as Amtrak wasn’t running. The journey was estimated to take 17 hrs and it was horrendous but finally we got home to the welcoming site of our families. Where I live there wasn’t too much damage and we still had power but Claude wasn’t so lucky being without power and having to go to her neighbors for a shower, where would we be without good neighbors.
Yesterday was a trip into New York city to buy trims etc.from Tinsel Trading in readiness for a workshop next month. Will post a photo when it’s finished. I just have a few days to work on it as I’m off to England on Saturday for two weeks to visit family.

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  1. DD Wilson Says:

    No wonder you have decided to limit your teaching and traveling! Would have loved to be along with you to Tinsel Trading for “goodies”. What a treat. Will look forward to photos of your next workshop.
    Have a wonderful time in England, travel safe, and have fun and good connections. DD

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