I’m still working with stencils, mainly floral and seed pods which are my favourite, I seem to be using a UK company called Clarity Stamps, Stencil Girl ans Artist Cellar. I enjoy using a sheer fabric mainly silk organza which is dyed then I lay a stencil on the top and using a spatula spread modeling paste over the stencil, when dry it then ends up either machine or hand stitched around the design.

2 Responses to “Stencils”

  1. Diana Wilson (DD) Says:

    Beryl….love the pods and the one that looks like babys breath, but I know it is not……
    What kind of thread/floss or ??? are you using for your random running stitches? DD

  2. Beryl Says:

    DD, I like using a DMC cotton thread size 12, I think they use it for tatting !

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