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Working hard

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Well at the moment it’s a real pleasure just to sit and sew, paint, draw, use stencils, modeling paste, cut, rip and all the other pleasurable stuff that comes with creating. When I was working as a nurse in England, especially on the Paediatric unit, there were some really bad days; to unwind when I got home was to make fabric paper, sheets and sheets of it. After about ten sheets I felt fine and could then deal with family life. So now it’s a pleasure to have the freedom to just go and create whenever I feel like it, although I must admit I sometimes need that pressure to make me work. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have gone into my studio to tidy up and hopefully re-organize and have then spotted a splash of fabric, paper or paint and then that’s the end of all my good intentions !


Modeling Paste Image Using Rubber Stamp


Machine and Hand Embroidery on Cotton and Silks, Dyed and Painted


People have written to me to ask if I’m still creating as they don’t see much of me around, well of course I am and hope to show you more. When I work I always have a few pieces going at the same time. As well as more of the above I’m finishing off a fabric and paper book which also contains everything else in my repertoire. Hopefully my next course of action will be some on-line classes, eventually.


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