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Vacation Time

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

I went to England to visit family and friends as usual and decided to take a three day trip to Paris with my daughter Vicki. We took the Eurostar train over which took only two and a half hours, only draw back was the time table 5am start ( way too early for me ) Our hotel was in the Latin quarter surrounded by little eateries and very lively so we started with a French breakfast and then on to our first museum The Cluny, this is famous for the Unicorn tapestries and illuminated manuscripts.Then the Louvre on the way there we crossed one of the many bridges over the Seine, it’s called the artist bridge mainly because it’s where they set up their easels to paint. On this occasion though from a distance the sides of the bridge glistened with gold and silver and when you got closer you saw that people had fastened thousands of padlocks that were dated and initialed – great sight !

I also took a trip to Sennelier, a very famous and old art store across from the Louvre, it’s tiny and on three levels. The floors are wooden and creak as you walk along, old glass cupboards display paints, brushes, etc. The stairs to the next two levels are tiny and spiral, you have to stand and wait to let people come down before you can go up, know what I mean ?

Well after recovering from jet-lag and packing for “Art – is- You”, which is Friday 6th – 9th October in Connecticut ( I can actually drive there ), I made some time to do a piece of work for Jamie Malden who is the founder of a company called “Colouricious”. She also organizes art tours abroad and has invited me to teach in Egypt next year ( lucky me ).

Take a look at the photo below.

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