Traveling again

November 20th, 2014

Yes I’ve been away again. In September my daughter Vicki took me to Italy, five days in Venice and five days in Florence. I absolutely loved Venice with all the little bridges over the different canals,water taxi’s etc. We actually arrived at our hotel via a water taxi which was wonderful and in the evening had a private boat ride around the old city of Venice. Found some ¬†delicious restaurants in the tiny back streets amongst masks, art, paper and fabric stores to say the least. The days were filled with tours and visiting museums, churches and galleries.




On to Florence, so old, so medieval but disappointingly too commercial for me and way too many people, still we managed to see all the major tourist attractions. The highlight of the tour was the Uffizi museum and secret passageway.

Over to England to deal with clearing my mother’s apartment as she went into a care home then back to the US.


So now it’s back to work ! I had a commission and the only request from the client was to incorporate the color teal. I used lots of stencils with modeling paste which I then painted,these were done on a variety of different backgrounds including silk organza, habotai silk and even face wipes that have been painted with DecoArt fabric paints (the colors are wonderful ) I machined stitched around individual images and then finished it off with a lot of hand stitching !






September 9th, 2014

I’m in a fiber art group called 8 that create and we are exhibiting in NY for the month of September, so if you are passing why not drop in.


I’ve been playing a little more with the stenciled pieces, laying them on silk and batting and stitching through it all. I machine stitched then added hand stitching, going to take a while to complete. Last photo is dyed Habotai silk, just love the subtle colors.






September 1st, 2014






I’m still working with stencils, mainly floral and seed pods which are my favourite, I seem to be using a UK company called Clarity Stamps, Stencil Girl ans Artist Cellar. I enjoy using a sheer fabric mainly silk organza which is dyed then I lay a stencil on the top and using a spatula spread modeling paste over the stencil, when dry it then ends up either machine or hand stitched around the design.

I’m still here.

July 9th, 2014

Well the last two months have been quite hectic for me with traveling. I went to the UK to visit family and friends then onto a workshop ( the less said about that the better. ) I did meet some lovely ladies though, can’t beat the British sense of humor !

Here are some photos of the ladies and their amazing work.


At the end of June I was asked by Karen McDermot to give a talk to the Book Arts Roundtable in South Orange and what a great night that was.Thirty three people turned up,what a lovely chatty lot of men and women.



Working hard for UK workshop !

April 15th, 2014

Well April took us back to the house in Naples Florida where we met up with Vicki who came over from the UK for a few days. Like us she was glad to come to the warmth although it did rain quite a bit. On the spur of the moment we decided to drive over to Orlando to Disney for a day and stay over for the night we went to Epcot and were glad as there was an exquisite flower show on including a wonderful butterfly house. Well worth the visit.


IMG_0079 IMG_0051 IMG_0052

Here are a few photos of work in progress for the workshop.


Most of the backgrounds for these images have been produced using a “Gelliplate”, stencils and stamps.




Stamps and stencils

March 11th, 2014

Well at the moment I’m playing with Indian wood block stamps, I’ve¬† collected them since the nineties but a lot of them were quite small and intricate and were very difficult to find. I’ve since found a fabulous supplier in Jamie Malden who owns Colouricious. Jamie actually deals with Indian artisans who often design to her specifications and end up with some exciting stamps. As you can imagine I now have quite a collection of these. I love to take the images a stage further by making a stencil, you can use Mylar ( a form of durable plastic sheeting that stands up to heating ) or if you are desperate or in a hurry you can use a sheet of watercolor paper which I used here in the photo


The background fabric is Habotai silk and silk organza which I have enhanced by over-printing a design using a Gelli plate print and acrylic paint. When dry I paint the wood stamp with a contrasting color acrylic paint and stamp onto the fabric. After it has dried I lay the fabric on a thin layer of felt and then machine stitch around the design.


The final photo is a cotton velvet painted with Gesso and then gilded with gold leaf. I lay the velvet on top of polyester batting and stitch eight rectangles then lay organza over the gold leaf after which it is ready for stamping with a leaf image. When dry I machine stitched around the leaf image.


Final photo is of my messy workstation !


All this work is in preparation for my workshop in the UK in May, ten days of teaching in Buckinghamshire with Jamie Malden from Colouricious.

I’m back

January 24th, 2014

Well after a hectic Christmas going to Florida,Disney, Naples and before that visiting family in England, my work seems to have taken a dive but I’m now back in action !!!!

Thought you might like to see how our new edition is getting on. Lucy is now a big girl and rules the roost, really beautiful but is the boss. Although she is a mix Golden/Great Pyrenees she is definitely more Pyrenees and needs a lot of exercise, keeps us all fit !




These are two examples of reverse-applique. The top one is layers of fabric and paper design machine-stitched and cut through. The second photo is the same process in a smaller version with modeling paste through a stencil as a top layer.




Next workshop 2014

October 28th, 2013

Just thought I’d mention I’m teaching The Lady Book ( seems to be popular ) at ‘Wild at Heart Studios on San Juan Island April 5&6th 2014 in case anyone fancies a little bit of an art weekend.


October 28th, 2013


Well I had a great weekend a couple of weeks ago teaching at Art-is-You in Stamford Connecticut, meeting up with old friends fabulous students and all the fun that is laid on by Sallianne and Ellen.The Sheraton Hotel was really great with fab friendly staff, great food and wonderful rooms for teaching in and I also won a prize on the raffle ! Only one draw back, from where I live in New Jersey the ride is normally two hours but took me Four with heavy traffic and road works.
I taught The Lady book and added another last minute one with added metal foil as I knew some students love to work with metal !


September 9th, 2013

I’ve added another week to my workshop at Colouricious ( ) as the first week sold out this morning when advertised. Looking forward to it and meeting you all.

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